Yellow Toenails- Not a Site for Sore Eyes!

Yellow Toenails - Not a Site for Sore Eyes!If you are finding your toenails turning yellow, thickening and hardening, you may have developed nail fungus. Nail fungus is now easily treated with Laser Nail Therapy.

Laser Nail Therapy has become the easiest and best way to treat nail fungus. The FDA approved laser penetrates the nail and skin tissue underneath destroying the dead nail and allowing for new growth to occur from the cuticle upwards. This approach is pain-free and does not require any recovery period. Patients are able to carry on with their day following treatment with no setbacks.

Dr. Mark Forman, a leading podiatrist in Scottsdale, can treat your nail fungus right away in his office with his FDA-approved laser machine. Let us Put Your Feet First, call (480.423.8400) and schedule your in-office appointment today.

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