Yellow Nails: Causes and Prevention!

Yellow Nails Causes and Prevention!YES! According to Scottsdale’s top-rated podiatrist, Dr. Mark Forman, DMP, MBA, FAPWCA, nail polish can turn your nails into a yellow discoloration. This often occurs with long-term wearing of nail polish.

Nails consist of keratin which absorbs liquid and iron oxides which is in nail polish. This chemical can change the color of a nail into a yellowish or brownish stain. The longer you wear nail polish, the more likely this stain will occur.

Nails, like skin, must be able to breathe to stay healthy and grow. When covering them up with nail polish or the like, it prohibits them from being healthy. Of course, many people enjoy wearing polish, so Dr. Forman highly recommends using a natural nail polish base coat when polishing your nails. The base coat will help prevent the high-pigment polish from interacting directly on your nail bed. Of course, allowing your nails to breathe before changing the polish helps as well.

Be aware – the darker the polish color, the stronger the pigmentation which will cause a more drastic discoloration.

Can Nail Polish Stain Be Removed

Yes! Sometimes using a nail file or buffer on the nail bed can help as well as a non-acetone nail polish remover.

Dr. Forman highly suggests for those who love painting their nails, to take breathers in between color changes allowing your nails to breathe and gain strength. The more they stay natural, the stronger they become and remember to use natural nail polishes that do not contain Formaldehyde.

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