Wishing You Had a Flatter Foot or a Higher Arch? Careful What You Wish For!

Wishing You Had a Flatter Foot or a Higher Arch Careful What You Wish For!Flat Feet (Flatfoot) – Symptoms and Treatments

People with  tend to have musculoskeletal , as their feet don’t maintain proper balance. If not balanced, one tends to have tired feet that can become swollen and painful. This, of course, leads to leg, knee and back pain. Unfortunately several secondary problems often occur for people with flat feet. They include:
  • – inflammation in the ligament that joins your heel to your toes, supporting your arches.
  • – caused by overpronation or enlargement under the toe joint (typically the big toe) which then pushes the toe inward and the bone outward creating a deformity.

Home Remedies for Flat Feet

What can you do to help alleviate these ailments? Great question! Scottsdale’s foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM. M.B.A., FPWCA recommends some simple home remedies that can reduce pain.     Remedies include:
  • Stretching both feet to maximize movement.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the tendons in the foot.
  • Proper footwear with the right amount of support.

High Arches (Cavus Foot)- Symptoms and Treatments

Cavus foot also causes imbalance creating a ripple effect of problems such as foot pain when walking, standing, and exercising, bent toes, calluses, and an inward tilted heel. In fact, Dr. Mark Forman shares many secondary ailments that stem from this imbalance. They include:
  • inflammation in the ligament that joins your heel to your toes, supporting your arches.
  • Metatarsalgia- inflammation in the ball of your foot causing severe pain.
  • Formation of claw-like toes when standing.
  • Hammer toe– bending at the joint of the second, third, and fourth toes.
  • Foot and ankle instability – heels are tilted toward the middle of your body affecting posture and increasing risk of ankle instability leading to.

Home Remedies for Cavus Foot

Dr. Mark Forman and his professional team at Put Your Feet First suggest some home remedies to help ease the pain. These include:
  • Foot pads
  • Night splints
  • with support
  • Icing your foot
  • Over-the-counter medication to help reduce inflammation
  • Stretching exercises
  • Over-the-counter insert allowing the ground to come to the foot instead, of the foot trying to touch the ground.

Needing More Help?

If you find that these simple home remedies are not providing you with enough pain relief, please seek help from our top Scottsdale foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, at Put Your Feet First.

Dr. Forman and his team will provide you with specialized advice on how to best support your feet.  Home remedies might help alleviate your pain temporarily for both Flat Feet and Cavus Foot, but at Put Your Feet First, we are well equipped to provide you with preventative measures including MLS Laser Treatment and Orthotics.

MLS Laser Treatment

We are thrilled to offer the latest state-of-the-art MLS Laser machine in our Scottsdale office. Treatments with the FDA-cleared laser have been found to be highly effective. Many people find relief with this treatment as it focuses on injured areas that have inflammation.
The laser penetrates the wounded area decreasing the inflammation by burning off the dead cells and tissues allowing for new healthy growth to occur. A consultation with Dr. Forman will assist you in understanding the pain-free process and the number of sessions you might need.


A common and noninvasive treatment we offer in our Scottsdale office is specialized orthotics. These custom-made orthotics are a quick and painless way to provide full support across your whole foot. We scan your feet with our state-of-the-art equipment. From this scan, our team creates orthotics that fit your foot perfectly and thus, support the entire foot.


If pain continues and we have exhausted all resources, Dr. Mark Forman will only then consider surgery.  If surgery is needed, Dr. Forman will walk you through the process, so you are comfortable with the decision and understand the procedure in its entirety.
Dr. Mark Forman is very experienced and gentle and will ensure that your surgical and recovery experience is as comfortable as possible!

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