Which is Better – Supportive Shoes or Barefoot?

Which is Better- Supportive Shoes or BarefootSome articles are written on the importance of giving your feet a chance to work through their muscles and tendons naturally by being barefoot. The idea is that the toes must stay strong and work hard to maintain balance and posture. The belief is that supportive shoes do not allow for your feet to work hard and stay strong. In fact, there are shoes that do not provide any support, allowing your feet to grip the ground when running.

This notion is not supported by many podiatrists around the country. In fact, one of Scottsdale’s top podiatrists, Dr. Mark Forman, DMP, MBA, FAPWCA, strongly counters this argument. There are many reasons why wearing supportive shoes maintains healthy feet throughout our aging process.


  1. Supportive shoes eliminate back and spine pressure.
  2. Prevents foot ligaments and muscles from being overstretched.
  3. Protects your feet from debris and other elements.
  4. Distributes pressure evenly throughout your foot, allowing all areas (toes, ball, arch, heel, ankle) to not take abuse.
  5. Provides support throughout the whole body including knees, hips, spine, back, and neck.
  6. Prevents further foot ailments, like plantar fasciitis.
  7. Allows for excellent posture which in turn provides stability and balance.


Dr. Mark Forman knows that as we age, we lose fatty tissue in our feet that helps support us. Due to this, it is imperative that we wear supportive shoes not only outside, but inside our homes. The support we gain is important to keep us stable and balanced. Additionally, the balance will help us reduce the amount of accidental falls. A solid supportive shoe is important to our entire physical health.


Dr. Forman and his prestigious team at Put Your Feet First use the best technology to scan your feet to create an orthotic that will support every part of your foot. These orthotics last for a long time. It is a quick and painless method that creates a 3D image that is sent to a lab to create an orthotic customized to your feet.

Dr. Mark Forman and others such as , have fully endorsed the use of orthotics as studies have proven their worthiness. It has been documented that orthotics provide the best support across the entire foot allowing for better balance, posture and control.

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