What is Toenail Fungus?

What is Toenail FungusToenail fungus is an infection that begins with a slight discoloration before deepening into the nail and nail bed changing your nails by yellowing, thickening, and hardening. It is not uncommon to experience. Good news! FDA-approved Laser Nail Therapy allows podiatrists, such as Dr. Mark Forman, to treat your fungus allowing your toenails to heal quickly.

Laser Nail Therapy

The laser light deadens the fungus through the nail and soft tissue and stimulates new growth. Once the fungus is extinguished by the laser, the new healthy nail grows from the cuticle upward. Laser Therapy is an excellent method to use as patients do not experience pain or need time to recover. In fact, medication is not needed as the laser therapy does not cause any harm or issues.

Dr. Mark Forman at Put Your Feet First is well-experienced with laser treatment and can perform it right in his office. Call us, and book your appointment today: 480.423.8400.

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