What is The Right Running Shoe for You?

What is The Right Running Shoe for YouSo Many Choices, O’my!
There are hundreds of  shoes and shoe brands to choose from, but which one is “right” for you? Finding the right size, shape, comfort, and support is critical when running.  Talking to your podiatrist and shoe store expert are great places to begin as they can advise you on the best shoe that will support you and prevent many injuries.
Questions to ask the experts:
  • Which shoe is most appropriate for the sidewalk, road, every day walkling, or hiking trail, etc?
  • How much cushion is needed to maintain support?
  • What is the appropriate support for my gait, and form?
  • Does the shoe fit appropriately?
  • Does the shoe offer enough support for flexibility and stability?
  • If running trails, does the shoe offer enough traction to keep me safe?
  • Does the shoe allow my feet to breathe and maintain momentum?
  • How do I know if my running form is correct?

How important are socks?

One might be surprised, but socks are crucial to running and many cardio activities.  If not wearing the best type of socks, one can experience issues such as: blisters, chafing, corns, and other ailments.
Appropriate running socks allow one to maintain excellent foot health, prevent friction and swelling, and allow for comfort that will aid in longer lasting runs!
Dr. Mark Forman, at Put Your Feet First, will listen to your needs and concerns, evaluate your feet and gait, and assist you on the proper footwear so you can maintain healthy living.  Call now at 480.423.8400.
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