Putting a Bounce Back in Your Step

Putting a Bounce Back in Your StepMany adults enjoy playing recreational sports as they did when they were younger. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies find new problematic areas to focus on, preventing us from hitting that home run hit or making that goal. Fortunately, we, at Put Your Feet First, have methods to help you feel pain-free again allowing you to continue your active lifestyle.

Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, and his excellent staff at Put Your Feet First are equipped to help you feel good while doing the things you love. We are certified in performing laser therapy in the areas on your feet causing problems that can be felt throughout your body. Laser therapy has been used for a while and is also FDA-cleared. It has also improved recently with technological advances.

Laser therapy uses light to penetrate beneath your skin to your tissue and even cellular levels. The light therapy reduces inflammation that easily occurs and when penetrating the cellular level, it helps new cells to form, which in turn, produces new and strong tissue. This therapy is pain-free and simple. Most patients need about 6-10 sessions before experiencing a full recovery; however, many patients begin feeling better after one or two sessions.

Let us, at Put Your Feet First, help you feel young again. Call us at 480.423.8400 and we’ll help you make your next touchdown!

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