Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: Tips to Begin Helping Yourself!

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Tips to Begin Helping Yourself!Our top Scottsdale doctor, Mark Forman, DPM, M.B.A., F.A.P.W.C.A. and his team at Put You Feet First offer many suggestions that you can begin implementing at home to heal your plantar fasciitis including:
  • Icing the area.
  • Using supportive footwear (shoes with back support and arch support).
  • Wearing shoe inserts.
  • Stretching your feet and calves regularly.
  • Wearing shoes always; slippers are better than being barefoot.
  • Massaging the area.
These methods will help, but it will take time and rest to heal from plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, Dr. Forman and his staff offer new methods to help those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Some methods we offer in our office are custom-made orthotics, MLS Laser treatment, and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP). All these methods have been helping our patients heal quickly.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Studies have shown that PRP can increase your recovery faster than traditional remedies. PRP simply uses your own blood. Dr. Forman draws your blood and spins it to collect all your healthy platelets. These platelets are then injected back into the affected area. It decreases inflammation/swelling and allows for new cell growth to occur to help you feel better faster.
Dr. Forman and his excellent staff at Put Your Feet First, can perform this procedure in their Scottsdale office. Just like cortisone shots (but much more effective), you won’t experience any pre/post procedural recovery. Of course, Dr. Forman suggests continuation in icing and resting, but your recovery process will take much less time. To learn more about this procedure and/or see if you are a candidate, please call our office at 480.423.8400 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

MLS Laser Treatment

MLS Laser is FDA-cleared and has proven to help patients heal quickly and effectively without pre/post preparation or pain. MLS Laser is a simple method that uses the laser light to penetrate the affected area all the way to the cellular level. It reduces inflammation by deadening injured cells and tissues while stimulating new growth of both. The number of sessions is dependent on the severity of the injury. This method is easily done in our Scottsdale office at Put Your Feet First.
We are here to help you feel better quickly and painlessly. Let us help you. Call us today so we can schedule you for a consultation to discuss your injury with our leading foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM. Dr. Forman will give you straight feedback on the best approach to help you get back on your feet. Please reach us at 480.423.8400 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forman.
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