Pebbles or Neuroma- Time to Live Pain-free!

Pebbles or Neuroma- Time to Live Pain-free!Morton’s neuroma is nerve pain that affects the ball of your foot usually in between the third and fourth toes but can happen between the second and third toes. Walking with Morton’s neuroma can be painful as it feels like you’re walking on pebbles. The pebble feeling is a result of the skin tissue thickening around the nerves leading to your toes. Beyond pain, those with Morton’s neuroma might also be experiencing stinging, burning, or numbness. Many runners, women who wear high-heeled shoes, or those who wear tight-fitting shoes are most prone to the damage caused by Morton’s neuroma.
Dr. Mark Forman, DPM at Put Your Feet First provides some simple ways to prevent Morton’s neuroma from occurring as well as ways to heal yourself if experiencing it. Some examples include wearing lower heeled shoes, and switching to wider shoes in the toe area. However, once nerve damage occurs, you might need further assistance, for if not treated properly, it can lead to permanent nerve damage.
Dr. Mark Forman and his staff are well equipped to help you with all of your foot needs, including avoiding or healing damage from Morton’s neuroma. From anti-inflammatory medication to corticosteroid injections, laser treatment, surgery or orthotics, at Put Your Feet First, we will discuss with you your options and determine the best path to help you heal quickly.
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