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Orpyx TechnologiesDiabetics often encounter foot sores, blisters, ulcers, and many other issues. Proper footwear is one of the primary means that diabetics can improve overall foot health and prevent issues from occurring. However, historically, there were challenges surrounding finding good footwear for diabetics that are also comfortable and stylish.
To solve this challenge, Dr. Mark Forman at Put Your Feet First has partnered with Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. and Quantum Orthotists to provide all his diabetic patients with proper footwear and insoles to prevent foot-related issues.
Orpyx will fit your insoles properly in your shoes provided by an orthotist from Quantum, and the staff at Put Your Feet First monitor your progression with follow up phone calls to ensure both the shoe and insole remain effective. This partnership will allow you to receive the greatest benefit and therefore prevent unnecessary pain.

So How Does It Work?

Orpyx Medical Technologies uses innovative methods to help patients prevent foot ulcers and reduce ulcers if already present. In fact, a clinical study that used Orphyx technology showed an 86% reduction in diabetic foot ulcers from returning.
Orpyx customizes fitted insoles for your feet that have sensors monitoring pressure, temperature, and movement. These insoles are monitored and displayed on a phone/device you receive as part of our package.
We, at Put Your Feet First, automatically monitor your progression and follow-up with you if any concerns arise. These real-time alerts on your phone and our computer will immediately let us know if Dr. Mark Forman needs to make adjustments to your Orpyx insoles.
Put Your Feet First, in Scottsdale, is here to keep you feeling healthy and moving at your desired rate. We strongly believe those with diabetes will save themselves so much pain, time, energy, and money in the long-run if they PUT THEIR FEET FIRST. Call to schedule your consultation or Orpyx fitting at: 480.423.8400.
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