New Year’s Goals

As we enter the year, lofty new goals are set. Top goal? EXERCISE! And this year, we are conquering it! Wearing the newest fashionable clothes, strapping on those spinning shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, creating the best motivated playlist and we are ready to go!

Of course, all is great until it’s not.  With our overzealous attitude, we tend to have a few mishaps. Suddenly we are faced with those ridiculous issues like plantar fasciitis, joint issues, sprains, and breaks. And yes, there goes our lofty goals!


Want to prevent plummeting from your goal? The best action is prevention. Before starting a new exercise regimen, see your podiatrist to help prepare yourself. It is fun spending money on new equipment, clothes, and accessories, but money is best spent in visiting your podiatrist and benefiting from their expertise on a multitude of helpful tools.

Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, MBA, FAPWCA at Put Your Feet First offers many helpful exercises and products to help prevent or lessen the onset of pain. Here are a couple of the many helpful products that we offer.


At Put Your Feet First, we are able to digitally scan your feet to create the perfect orthotic to support your foot arch, and crevices. These state-of-the-art orthotics have been proven to help prevent major foot issues like plantar fasciitis that can stifle your workout for weeks.

MLS Laser

Our team at Put Your Feet First, offers the latest FDA-cleared MLS laser treatment that helps repair injuries and prevent new onsets. To learn more about this effective treatment, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Forman to discover how many sessions are needed to help you back on your feet again engaging in the activity you love.

Additionally, Dr. Forman and his team are well-knowledgeable with many foot/leg exercises to conduct before and after exercising to help prevent and lessen severity of pain. We are happy to share all our knowledge with you in one easy appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please contact us at Put Your Feet First, 480.423.8400 and schedule an appointment, so we can help you PUT YOUR FEET FIRST!

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