Looking to step up your golf game?

Looking to step up your golf gameTake care of your feet for a better golf game!
If you are like most golfers, you spend a great deal of time choosing the right golf clubs, gloves and even balls. After all, you want to have the best equipment available to you to optimize your golf game. But what about proper foot care? Ensuring that you have proper foot care can improve your golf game quite a bit too.
Scottsdale’s top notch podiatrist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM., M.B.A., FAPWCA recommends implementing the following tips to improve your swing!

Custom-made Orthotics

Dr. Mark Forman and his specialized team at Put Your Feet First, encourage everyone, especially sports players to wear customized orthotics. Why orthotics? , among other organizations, have proven through extensive research that proper orthotics provide the best support across the entire foot allowing for better balance, posture and control.
The reason for this is that our manufacturers and technology utilize the best material and are equipped to individualize the orthotic to your foot. Customized orthotics help decrease injuries such as plantar fasciitisankle injuriesstress fractures, and Achilles tendonitis.
Although orthotics can be purchased at any drugstore, customized orthotics replicate your feet exactly providing 100% support from heel to toe. We at Put Your Feet First use state-of-the-art technology to scan your feet creating a precise 3D image. This image is sent to the lab where the orthotics are made and then returned to our office.
It is a painless and quick process, but brings years of support and comfort. Depending on the amount of activity you embrace will determine the longevity of the orthotics. Our office can estimate the time once consulting with you.

Proper Footwear

We all know that proper footwear is a  must for everyday living. However, it is critical to wear specific shoes per sport. Sports, like golf, have specific shoes that provide the support needed to help maintain your stance, balance, and ultimately your swing. As important as it is to wear proper footwear, it is a must to find shoes that fit properly. Shoes too small or a little big or wide, even if it is a golf shoe, can cause injuries. If the fitting is perfect, it will enhance your game!


Many people focus a lot of their attention on footwear, but what about socks? Did you know that socks play a big role in enhancing support while minimizing problems such as plantar warts, blisters, and toenail injuries? Purchasing socks that are tailored to your sport game like golf can help protect your feet allowing you to focus on obtaining that condor (hole in one on a par five)!

MLS Laser Treatment

We are thrilled to have the latest state-of-the-art MLS Laser machine in our Scottsdale office. These treatments have been FDA-cleared and have been found to be highly effective. Many sports players find relief with this treatment as it focuses on injured areas. Most injuries result in inflammation, a common injury seen in golf players. The laser penetrates the wounded area decreasing the inflammation by burning off the dead cells and tissues. This allows for new healthy growth to occur.
Treatments are monitored by our highly qualified team. The number of treatments depends on the injury or strain. All treatments last under 10 minutes and patients tend to leave the office feeling better after each session. A consultation with Dr. Mark Forman will determine the number of sessions needed as it is very individualized to your injury. Please contact us at Put Your Feet First to schedule an appointment!


Dr. Mark Forman, among podiatrists world-wide, strongly encourages all people, especially sports players to stretch. Most injuries occur due to stiffness and cold muscles before exerting yourself. Stretching exercises must be conducted before and after each activity to help the blood flow throughout the ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
Our feet, ankles, and toes take a toll each and every day as we rely on them to carry us around and help us perform our tasks, including sports activities. We MUST take care of them by stretching them before and after each activity. Visit us at Put Your Feet First to learn which exercises are best, especially for golf or any sport!

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