Importance of Toes!

Our body has amazing capabilities: we use our eyes to see the world in which we live, we use our ears to hear our everyday lives, and we use our tongues to taste the delicious food we eat. However, our toes may not come to our minds immediately when we think of our bodies great capabilities. And even though they may not be able to grip and hang on like our fingers, our toes are super important to our everyday lives.Our toes provide balance and support while walking. When we walk, our toes stay on the ground 75% of the time. During that time, they are exerting pressure to help us walk correctly. Toes also help the rest of the foot bear the weight of the body, especially when running. Did you know your toes help you run faster?! That’s because your toes extend the length of your foot, and that extra length allows you to run faster!It probably is no surprise that your big toe is the most important when maintaining balance and bearing body weight. Your big toes bear just about 2 times the amount of weight as all your other toes combined! It still should not shock you that the pinky toes are the least important. People born without pinky toes or those who lose them in accidents will see very little change in the function of their feet.Your feet might be smelly and always touch the ground, but they are one of the most important parts of your body, and at Dr. Forman’s office, we will Put Your Feet First!

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