How To Prevent Nail Fungus


While toe fungus is sometimes a cosmetic issue that leads to embarrassment, in some cases, it can cause discomfort and pain as the condition worsens. While some people are more likely to get these infections because of a family predisposition, there are plenty of steps that can help your nails stay healthy.

1. Trim your nails regularly. Keeping them short makes it difficult for debris to build up underneath the nail. Preventing debris build up is important, becuase bacetria grows quickly under the nails!

2. Make sure to get well fitting shoes. Breathable footwear like sandals and athletic shoes with a wide toe box are ideal. Moisture-wicking socks will also keep your foot dry and cool, which doesn’t allow bacteria to grow very quickly. Remember, bacteria love and environment that is dark, warm, and moist!

3. Use antifungal sprays and powders inside of your shoes. This will also reduce excess moisture and help kill any remaining bacteria. You only have to treat your shoes around once or twice a week and takes a matter of seconds. There are many over the counter antifungal sprays/ powders, any kind will do.

4. Lastly, avoid being barefoot in public places like pools and locker rooms. Public locker rooms and pools are notorious for harboring colonies of bacteria. Simply wearing shoes around these areas will rapidly decrease the amount of bacteria you come in contact with.

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