Hammer Toes

A hammer toe is a condition that causes the toe (usually the 2nd or 3rd) to bend downward instead of forward. Your toe contains two joints that allow it bend at the middle and bottom. When the middle joint becomes dislocated, the hammer toe has occurred. Although it could be present at birth, it is usually developed over time due to ill-fitting shoes, or arthritis. However, this condition is very treatable.

The middle joint can become dislocated because of:– Traumatic toe injury– Arthritis– High arches– Tightened ligaments– Pressure from a bunionIf you have any of the conditions mentioned above, you are at a higher risk for a hammer toe. However, these conditions do not automatically mean you have a hammer toe. If you have the symptoms below, then, you might have hammer toes.– A downward bending toe– Corns or calluses– Difficulty walking– You are unable to flex your foot

It is recommended that you make an appointment with Dr. Forman’s office ASAP if you notice you have any of these symptoms. At the appointment, Dr. Forman will examine your toe and diagnose you accordingly. If you do have a hammer toe, there are many ways to treat the condition. Since every person is different, each person could have a different treatment method that works best for them. These methods could include, changing footwear, wearing toe pads, getting insoles. Sever hammer toe might need surgery as a last resort. Surgery is done on an outpatient basis, which means you can return home after Dr. Forman completes the procedure.

Hammer toes are very painful, but by making an appointment with Dr. Forman, quick relief is possible!

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