Flat Feet (Flatfoot) – Symptoms and Treatments

Flat Feet (Flatfoot) - Symptoms and TreatmentsFeet come in all shapes and sizes. There has yet to be a foot without issues! Issues for flat feet are primarily musculoskeletal pain. Flat feet inhibit the ability to maintain proper balance which causes a myriad of issues from tired feet that become easily swollen and painful resulting in lower back pain. Is there respite from this pain? YES!

Do I Have Flat Feet?

There are several indicators that are very telling if one has flat feet.  These indicators include feet tiring easily, feet becoming achy quickly near the arches and heels. Additionally, oftentimes there is swelling on the bottom of the foot, difficulty in moving your feet, and, of course, experiencing a lot of back, leg, and neck pain.

Remedies for Flat Feet

Scottsdale’s foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM. M.B.A., FPWCA recommends some home remedies that can help you with finding pain relief.  Remedies include:
  • Stretching both feet to maximize movement.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the tendons in the foot.
  • Proper footwear with the right amount of support.
If you find that these simple home remedies are not providing you with enough pain relief, please seek help from our top Scottsdale foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, at Put Your Feet First.
Dr. Forman and his staff at Put Your Feet First will provide you with specialized advice on how to best support your feet. A common and noninvasive method we offer in our office is to create specialized orthotics for you. These custom-made orthotics are a quick and painless way to provide full support across your whole foot. We scan your feet with our state-of-the-art equipment. From this scan, our team creates orthotics that fit your foot perfectly and thus, support the entire foot.
If pain continues and we have exhausted all resources, Dr. Mark Forman will only then consider surgery.  If surgery is needed, Dr. Forman will walk you through the process so you are comfortable with the decision and understand the entire process. Dr. Mark Forman is very experienced and gentle and will ensure that your surgical and recovery experience is as comfortable as possible!

Please don’t suffer any longer. Let us at Put Your Feet First put YOU first! Contact us at Put Your Feet First (480.423.8400) and let us help you live pain-free, happy, and comfortable!

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