Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Symptoms and Treatments

It is time to take back your control! At Dr. Mark’s Forman’s office, we know how severe foot injuries can be for our diabetic patients. Therefore we offer many services to help prevent these occurrences and/or slow down the painful process.  Common injuries include Athlete’s foot, fungal infections, calluses, corns, blisters, bunions, dry skin, ulcers, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and warts. These are all very serious conditions that can leave patients with limited mobility and pain. We, at Put Your Feet First offer several treatments to help you prevent and lessen any foot ailments.

Diabetic Foot Inserts

Top Scottsdale podiatrist, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, M.B.A., FAPWCA and his team at Put Your Feet First, do everything possible to help you prevent many of these conditions from occurring, or at least, from worsening. Recently we teamed up with two other companies to provide our patients with the best resources for shoes and inserts that monitor your foot pressure, temperature, and steps to help prevent foot problems. Patients receive a device along with these specialized inserts to monitor themselves. Additionally, we monitor the temperature, pressure, and steps as well to ensure your feet are being cared for. To find out more about this product, please call us or visit our website at Put Your Feet First- 480.423.8400.

MLS Laser Treatment

Additionally, we offer laser treatments that assist in the healing process for several of these conditions. Our laser treatment is quick and pain free. With just a limited amount of treatment sessions, most patients begin to feel better as the pain decreases. These laser treatments have been FDA-cleared and research studies prove its effectiveness. Effectively, the laser light penetrates the damaged area, decreasing the inflammation, ridding your body of the dead cells, and allowing for new cell and tissue growth to occur.
There are other home remedies that are suggested as well for many of these ailments.  Please call and schedule an appointment with us at Put Your Feet First and let our team of experts help you start living without pain! Call us at 480.423.8400 or find us at Put Your Feet First.
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