Can Laser Treatment Treat Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem among all people. Just by walking often, one can develop this ailment. Dr. Mark Forman, DPM at Put Your Feet First strongly recommends simple solutions to help you heal from plantar fasciitis or, better yet, prevent it from occurring.

Some suggestions recommended by Dr. Mark Forman is to wear proper footgear.  This is the easiest and simplest solution to help stop plantar fasciitis from surfacing. We, at Put Your Feet First, will also show you beneficial stretches and other remedies to prevent plantar fasciitis, as well as help you heal if it occurs.

However, in acute to chronic cases, we, at Put Your Feet First, highly recommend using our laser therapy treatment to easily rectify this problem and speed up your recovery. Laser Therapy is a non-surgical method utilizing a light that penetrates the foot down to the cellular level.  It reduces inflammation and breaks away dead cells allowing for new cell growth and tissue to form.

Most chronic plantar fasciitis takes about six to eight treatments to be cured. The staff at Put Your Feet First will provide you with specific exercises and treatments to do in conjunction with laser treatment, so you can have maximum benefit with the least amount of laser sessions as possible.

Call us at Put Your Feet First to schedule an appointment to cure your plantar fasciitis- 480.423.8400. We look forward to helping you walk without pain again!

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