Bursitis Heel – Make it Go Away!

Bursitis Heel - Make it Go Away!Achilles Bursitis, also known as an inflamed bursa, can be present with swelling in the heel. In other words, fluid is formed in a sac which can be seen in the back of the heel. Bursitis can occur in anyone, but sure-fire ways to earn this lovely condition are wearing shoes that are too snug, repetition or overuse in your activity such as with long-distance runners and other athletes. Though achilles bursitis does not help with foot modeling, you will be pleased to know that it can be remedied.


Mark Forman, DPM, MBA, FAPWCA, is a leading Scottsdale podiatrist and owner of Put Your Feet First. Dr. Forman suggests some simple remedies you can try to heal your foot at home.  Some remedies include:


  • Resting your foot.
  • Icing the swollen area.
  • Taking pain relievers as necessary.
In most cases, simple bursitis will dissipate within a few days or a week; however, there are times when further action is needed. If your pain level is significant and a few days of rest are not helping, we strongly suggest you visit Dr. Forman to discuss treatment plans. At Put Your Feet First, we encourage you to come in and share with us your symptoms and the cause of your condition. With proper understanding, Dr. Forman can develop a careful plan to treat your bursitis and help you heal quickly.


Some treatments we can perform in our office that can help you heal quickly include: laser treatment, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and surgery.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is FDA-cleared and can help circulate the blood flow in the swollen area. The laser light penetrates the tissue and cells underneath the skin allowing for new cells to generate and speed up the healing process.


Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP uses your own blood in which Dr. Forman spins it to collect blood platelets which then get injected into the troubled area. Like cortisone shots, this method reduces the inflammation and, hence, speeds up the process. The difference is that PRP has been shown to be more effective than cortisone shots.



In extreme cases, Dr. Forman and his team at Put Your Feet First, will suggest surgery, if all other treatments are exhausted. If this is a chosen method, Dr. Forman will remove the bursitis sac so the area can heal without irritation. Recovery takes a couple of weeks and rest is needed.


If you are facing irritation, pain, and swollen heels, please visit our office to discuss the best treatment plan for you. We at Put Your Feet First care about you and want to help you heal with the least invasive methods. Schedule an appointment with us today at 480.423.8400 or schedule an appointment online.
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