Become Pain Free with Laser Therapy – NOW!

There’s an old golf quote that the most important shot is the next one. This quote easily applies to any other sport including tennis and running. The point is that you can only control your future efforts, making it even more critical to stay healthy and pain-free so the next effort is successful.

Staying pain-free gets tougher with age as our bodies’ warranties seem to expire much too quickly. But what do you do if that next jog or marathon keeps getting put off due to nagging foot or ankle pain? Traditional medical treatments take precious weeks or months away from your training schedule and as you keep telling yourself, the pain isn’t that bad, until of course, it is.

Enter the patented, FDA-cleared technology called Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy. MLS Laser Therapy from skilled practitioners like Dr. Mark Forman and the team at Put Your Feet First has an 85%-90% efficacy rate in relieving pain and inflammation while removing the need for surgery, painkillers, and annoying side effects.

Make an appointment with us today and if you’re a candidate, we’ll make sure that MLS Laser Therapy gets you back to training right away so you can take the next shot.

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