Ankle Injuries-Causes and Treatments

Ankle Injuries-Causes and TreatmentsAnkle injuries are often thought of as sports injuries; however, many people can experience these injuries anytime. Raise your hand if you’ve injured your ankle while standing. You are not alone- many people are just too embarrassed to raise their hands!
In fact, although more than half of ankle injuries occur due to sports, many people experience them without a relation to such activities. The older we become, especially as we enter our 30s, 40s, and 50’s the more likely we might experience these injuries. Dr. Mark Forman, DPM, M.B.A., FAPWCA and explain that these injuries often occur from just walking around barefoot, which is why Dr. Forman strongly advises wearing indoor shoes, even while walking around your own house.
Dr. Mark Forman and Podiatry Today explain how ankle injuries are due to the result of sprains and fractures that include the surrounding ligaments. These ligaments affect our ankles and increase tension in our stance, and stride.
To be clear, there are many types of ankle injuries. Some include sprains, strains, and fractures. Of course, top Scottsdale podiatrist, Dr. Mark Forman has seen all of these types of injuries and more. To hone in on your specific issue, Dr. Mark Forman, DPM and his top notch staff at Put Your Feet First can define your exact issue in our office. Once fully understanding the injury, we can offer the most appropriate care, whether it be splints, orthotics, physical therapy, laser therapy, or if there are no other options, surgery.
Other than simple home remedies such as icing, elevating, and over-the-counter inflammatories, Dr. Forman can provide other helpful methods to help you not only speed up the healing process of your injury, but help prevent recurrences.


At Put Your Feet First, we have the latest technology to scan your feet without any molding necessary. With our technology, we simply scan your entire foot so that a personal orthotic is created to your exact shape. These orthotics help support your feet at every angle to prevent simple injuries from occurring. This process is quick and completed in our office with our highly qualified staff.

MLS Laser Treatment

Many patients are now being treated without our FDA-cleared MLS Laser treatment. The laser light penetrates the injured area by decreasing inflammation and allowing for new cellular and tissue growth to occur. This treatment speeds up recovery. To find out if you are a candidate for this treatment and the quantity of sessions (each session being roughly 10 minutes), contact us at Put Your Feet First for a consultation with Dr. Mark Forman.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a new and improved approach to cortisone shots. PRP uses your own platelets to help rejuvenate new growth in the injured area.  Dr. Forman, DPM draws your blood and spins it to collect the strong platelets within it. He then injects these platelets into the injured area to help decrease inflammation and help birth new healthy cells and tissues to heal from the injured ones.
At Put Your Feet First, we are always putting our patients’ health first and finding the least invasive remedies.  We are here to serve you.  Please call us at 480.423.8400 or visit our website at Put Your Feet First  if you are facing any injury. We want to help you Put Your Feet First!
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